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Melodifestivalen: What’s up with that?! (2/2)

We continue a series of exceptional tracks that marked more than the previous decade. This time we present a few more groups and the pearls that emerged from them.

And the Swedes can do good pop!

Well, yes! In fact, many skilled vocalists have performed on the Melodi stage and have shown, in addition to their vocal superiority, a good quality pop hit. We all remember the epochal Molly Petersson Hammar and her semi-retro banger I’ll be fine from 2015. Following on her heels are Felicia Olsson and Kristin Amparo, who is highly regarded in her homeland.

Ah, that country

The Western influence is so great that even country music has entered the ear of the average viewer of Melody. More often sad notes, songs of this type always managed to reach a wider audience and achieve a better result than the previously mentioned ones. Nicke Borg and his Leaving home is the first that comes to mind, then the legend Louise Hoffsten and Ulrik Munther with Soldiers from 2012. We would also highlight the duet of Bella and Philipa with the wonderful song Crucified from 2017. What a symphony for the ears!

The eighties are here!

The craze for this decade is still current today and it seems that it will always be an inspiration to artists. So, around 10 years ago, Alcazar performed Blame it on the disco, and a year after that, Midnight Boy appeared with Don’t say no. In 2013, Martin Rolinski revived this decade with a song inspired by the hits of Modern Talking — In and out of love, which set the radio stations on fire after the competition.

Honorable mentions

There are definitely two artists — Caroline af Ugglas and Nano! Caroline appeared on stage twice and excelled both times. The first time she won over the Swedes with the wonderful old school ballad Snälla, snälla, and the second time she returned with the tragic Hon har inte. One of the few people who knows how to tell a story on stage. Nano also competed 2 times and was outstanding both times. He won the audience with Hold on, and with Chasing rivers in 2019, he added a little more personal story with Eminem’s instrumental. Goosebumps all over the place!


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